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[MISC] Replacing the radio wheel in vehicles with the weapon wheel

  • Hi, I just wonder if this is something do-able? Because I find it really annoying that when in a vehicle if you tap too fast and miss the weapon you want, you have to go through all weapons, and if like me you don't listen to the game's radio, this could be an useful feature.

  • @flodumalawi What if you just hold the switch weapon botton down to get the wheel?

  • @nkjellman That would be nice!
    That guy on reddit says:

    You buy a mini-uzi and realize it's the best weapon for drive-bys
    Weapon selection defaults to the mini-Uzi when you're in a vehicle. Thanks, Rockstar!
    You buy the AP pistol and realize it's categorically superior to the mini-Uzi for drive-bys
    Weapon selection still defaults to the mini-Uzi and cannot be altered in any way
    Have to hit tab once for every explosive and pistol weapon in your inventory to reach the AP pistol, and selection resets back to the Mini-Uzi as soon as you enter a new vehicle
    Fucking Rockstar."

    I really agree with that lol

  • @flodumalawi I agree as well. I don't believe replacing the radio wheel is the best option.

    However now that I think of it, if you hold X on the controller to select the weapon, you can't use the right thumb stick to select, you have to use the left one.

    Also, I believe that the PS4 players can swipe on the touch pad to cycle between weapons and radio stations. So this allows them to go through the list both ways.

  • @nkjellman Wait, we already can have the weapon wheel in a vehicle? By holding the X button, you mean with a controller? Sorry if I misanderstand, english is not my native language.

  • @flodumalawi No we can't. It would be nice though.

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