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How would you make a vehicle not get blown up by a RPG shot first time?

  • Basically, I want to be able to make armoured vehicles be able to survive a RPG or a shot from the Savage's main cannon, rockets etc (ie explosive) & not get blown up first shot. Make it so that it takes 2 or 3 RPG shots to take them out.
    I've messed with all the settings I can think of but haven't had any luck :/
    Any help would be very much appreciated.

  • Damage from explosions are handled in explosion.meta, located in dlc.rpf\common\data for DLC explosions and update.rpf\x64\data\metadata for non-DLC explosions.
    Since non-DLC explosion.meta is compiled into a .ymt file you need to use a readable .meta file from last-gen version to make modifications.
    I used the one included in this mod:
    After you're done modifying, change the file extension to .ymt and replace.
    To find out which explosion a weapon uses, check the respective entry in weapons.meta.

  • Is there any way to raise protection against explosives? The Rhino & some other vehicles don't explode first hit, what settings are they employing to get that effect? I just can't find something that works :/ .
    I'm really looking to find a way to only set a few vehicles to be resistant to explosives, not all of them. To do that, I need some independent settings for each vehicle rather than a global catch all setting for explosive damage (although thanks, I hadn't found a decrypted explosions.ymt. Cheers for that. I'll definitely use it at some point).
    It's a total guess, but to me it feels like it needs the correct flag set, everything that explodes does so first time, no matter the explosive damage & yet there are vehicles that you can lower all of the settings for but they still remain resistant. Perhaps a combo of the 'INDESTRUCTABLE' strmodelflag & increased explosive damage might work?!
    Please feel free to correct me If I've missed something in the explosions.meta/ymt? Thanks

  • Did you try changing values for fWeaponDamageMult in handling.meta?
    I did a quick test with Rhino's value at 1.0 and was able to blow it up with a single RPG shot.
    Presumably a smaller value makes the vehicle withstand more explosions (and weapon damage in general).

  • I tried that out with the Rhino too after you suggested it & yes it does work with my game too. With my original Rhino settings it took 13 rpg shots to blow it up firing at the side armour but only 4 shots when firing underneath it (handy to know).
    Long story short, I have solved it (thanks to your help). Turns out what I was missing was a 'C'. This 'C' to be exact:


    Lowering any of the handling.meta damage parameters

    		<fCollisionDamageMult value="0.090000" />
    		<fWeaponDamageMult value="0.080000" />
    		<fDeformationDamageMult value="0.090000" />
    		<fEngineDamageMult value="0.080000" />

    by themselves did nothing to alter explosive damage resistance but when I added the 'C' to the 7th digit in the strHandlingFlag everything fell into place. I'd seen that 'C' hanging about the Rhino & the Freight Train previously & thought it might mean something (the 7th digit does have HEAVYARMOUR (2) & ARMOURED (8) but I initially figured they were just handling profiles so took me a while to get there. I figure the 'C' (12 in hex) identifies perhaps multiple flags. not sure though, have to see (if not, why not just use 4 or 8?!). Usual Rockstar, unintuitive as ever.
    @Evo56 Thanks for your help, you pointed me in the right direction & gave me the confidence to know that it might be possible :) (< I hate those mad happy looking smileys lol, it's too much, just a smile will do, thanks)

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