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Need help with a 2016 Chevy Caprice PPV

  • I have purchased a 3d model of a 2013 chevy caprice, I got it for $130.00 but I need someone to help me convert it to gta as I don't know anything about modding other than making textures. If you have a proven record in modding let me know, I would like to get this project off the ground asap.

    Here are some pictures of the model I have, for some reason I cannot get it to display in zmodeler, it imports just fine but only shows green, red and blue lines and dots. I can however open it in 3ds



  • @AtheDJ It's cool dat you involve yourself by buying models, I can't do that; but you know its a little hard to making work it requires lot of time the 1st time I gave up after few hours because car windows were making me crazy (there was too much windows to detach ) lol . But don't worry it's like everything, more you do, easy and fast it is. ^^
    Watch tutorials of @Game68240 he show lot of things and details but idk if he had put english subtitles yet.
    There certainly another topic with some tutorials links u should use the search bar

  • @AtheDJ Know the feeling... bought a $180 dollar HMMWV that needs to be optimized along with some edits. But patience is a virtue...

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