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Hexer Chopper

  • WIP I plan on making a Chopper/Bobber pack eventually, this Hexer is my first. Still needs a few things worked out but if anyone else wants to fool around with it feel free.

    alt text

  • How do I upload the z3d file?

  • @riotvision if you want to upload a z3d file you can upload to megasync or mediafire and leave the link here in the forums.


    That stance is completely off tbh

  • @ReNNie lol the stance? I didn't touch the "stance" it's just the Hexer.


    still :) one of the reason I can't spawn that thing, wouldn;t be seen dead with it

    now, let's see what you're going to do with it

  • @ReNNie that pic is all that I’ve done so far, apehangers from daemon, tank from zombie, made the pipes longer, removed the front brake, took the spikes off the fork spring caps, rounded the back of the headlight, spring seat from zombie... I don’t know how to add mods/extras so people can change parts they want.

  • Extras sounds like a good idea.

  • I somehow lost the Hexer z3d but I've learned a lot and would probably start over anyway.

    Here are some other things I've been working on, I'll try to describe the changes and known issues as best I can.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Rat Bobber (Rat Bike):


    This one is pretty close to being acceptable to post I believe. I'd like to modify all of the seats in the vehiclemods file so they look better with the removed fender. Most importantly tho, I'd like to add the rust texture to the handlebars but I don't know how.

    Changes I made:

    • Daemon handlebars
    • Wolfsbane rear wheel front and back
    • Deleted rear fender
    • Replaced stock seat with Daemon fringe seat
    • Removed front brake

    Other than the custom seats not looking right and the missing rust texture on the bars, I know of no other issues.

    Zombie 6 Over (Zombie Chopper):


    This one is almost finished but I'd like to modify some of the vehiclemods.

    Changes I made:

    • Single headlight instead of two
    • Longer fork (6" over)
    • Sissy bar
    • Daemon bars (for the cleaner look without levers or cables)
    • Removed front brake
    • Adjusted stock seat position
    • Daemon front and rear wheel (skinnier front wheel)
    • Removed ugly frame neck gusset
    • Adjusted stock gas tank position

    Known issues:

    • the headlight corona is off to the side and I can't find it to move it.

    Zombie Bobber Custom (Zombie Bobber):


    Changes I made:

    • Daemon handlebars
    • Windowed the frame neck
    • Wolfsbane rear wheel Daemon front Wheel
    • Removed front brake
    • Taller tall pipes
    • Adjusted stock tank position

    I think this one is okay, other than the tall pipes not loading at distance. Pretty simple clean edit for a more traditional chopper version of the Zombie Bobber.

    The Long Bike (Zombie Bobber):


    I don't know what to call this one (Zombie Killer maybe?) but it's a BAMF and really fun to ride!

    Changes I made:

    • Lengthened the front end... a lot
    • Adjusted the frame neck area (height and rake)
    • Removed the front brake
    • Wolfsbane rear wheel Daemon front wheel
    • Adjusted the stock tank position
    • Daemon bars (adjusted angle)
    • Made the tall pipe even taller

    Known issues:

    • The rockers (springer linkage at front wheel) came apart and I don't know how to reattach it. You can barely notice it but I'm sure it can be fixed and might even handle different once corrected.

    • All the vehiclemods tanks clip the frame, I don't know how to adjust their position. Do I have to edit each one individually?

    • The custom tall pipes disappear at distance.

    Wolfsbrat (Wolfsbane):


    It clips through the ground in the front, I'm not sure what I did. I shortened the front end and made a few other changes (Daemon bars, Wolfsbane rear wheel on the front, removed brake, replaced stock seat with one I made, removed rear fender). It could be a fun little brat/bobber, just trying to add some variety.

    Chimera Classic (Chimera):


    This thing is a mess, I hate the regular version so I started trying to make a more classic trike. I have so many questions... I basically want to put the rear end from the Chimera onto a modified Zombie Bobber frame with an even longer front end than what's on my Long Bike and swap the rear wheels of the Chimera with the ones on the Franken Stange and build a really tall sissy bar with a sword in it and crazy pipes lmao!

    I'd really like to learn how to make Add On so I'm not limited to replacing since I could literally come up with dozens of unique versions of the Zombie bikes alone.

    ALSO if someone could tell me how or if a mod could change the title of this thread to WIP Choppers or something?


    An add-on I can do for you on the first, from there it's just following the logic for you to edit on the others to come

    The headlight glow is called corona if that's what you mean. Repositioning is done by carcols.meta. Or simply disable it that way.

    Some feedback if you'll allow me, by no means meant to diss your work:

    Not too sure on those taller than tall pipes. Where's the support bracket to hold the weight of all that steel?

    Also I concur on having a cleaner look on the handlebars but although you can get away with saying it's an internal throttle you'll still need a brake lever and cable unless you add a suicide clutch and jockey shift to it imo

    You call the last pic a chopper version of the zombie bobber? Right? Yet it lacks a ribbed fender I feel. With a flat seat like this no one in thier right mind would ride it. One bump and you get eaten between the rear wheel and the seat. So either adjust the rear portion of the seat to come up or preferably add a fender for a proper chopper look.

  • @ReNNie don't need a brake lever and cable with no front brake, good point about the clutch though but you can switch to jockey shift with the normal custom parts anyway. Not like they do any of the throttle, shift, or clutch animations anyway so I wouldn't get too carried away with realism. I like the idea of adding a support brace for the pipes, I'll take a look at that. Yeah, I always felt they mixed up the Chopper/Bobber naming with the Zombie so it's a bit confusing, and that bike only has the one tiny fender with the seat option so maybe I can add more variety by editing the other seat options. I'm planning on making one with a tall king and queen seat/sissy combo too. Thanks for the help!


    I'm a sucker for King and Queen seats. If I do ever get around to owning an actual man bike (pre 74 shovel that would be as I'll never be able to afford me a pan I'm afraid) I need me one of those :)

    On the last pic, why is that connection piece of the frame (I always forget what it's called) going down instead of horizontal?

    Really like what you're doing, keep it up!

  • @ReNNie The bar connecting the top tube to the down tubes off the neck? The bike in the last pic I only removed the neck gusset plate there so it's "windowed", other than that the frame is untouched.

  • I'll be back to working on these tomorrow night and the next few days. So hopefully I can get the kinks smoothed over and we can make an add on pack soon. My biggest concerns are the headlight corona on the 6 Over (Zombie Chopper) that I turned into a single headlight I can't find it to move it but it's off to the side where the original light was, and the rocker linkage on the Long Bike fork that came undone. I don't know how to attach vertex or how it was done originally before I lengthened the fork. When you make an add on pack is the vehiclemods folder in it? Meaning I could make a duplicate vehicle mods folder to suit each bike and it wouldn't effect the original?

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