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[Script][WIP] KR_iMenu

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    Hey Guys, i have been working in this projects form a few days ago, now it's getting shape.
    The idea is have a Hub of apps, instead of press a lot of keys to enable some NativeUi Menus or toogle some function, with this hub you just need to take the phone and select your app.
    you can link your scripts to this hub in a very easy way, if you use NativeUi, just Set As Public Shared your main menu, them you import the Script.dll to this script and you can set the menu into an app in the hub.
    It still needs some tweaks to be ready.

    *I need a way how to disabled the phone keys, when phone is out.
    *I have an app called iRadio, i can't enabled mobile radio, just got a crash.

    i connect the SPA Script with this hub, when you select the iDriver app, it will allow you to call any of your car store in garages sorted by the diferent apartments.

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