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Redux Please someone help!

  • Hello.
    I have a strong PC:

    i7-6700 3.40GHZ
    32 GB ram
    GeForce GTX 1060 (6GB)

    I have Redux and replace 4 cars and I have gamecrash.
    I've tried everything.
    I have this gameconfig but not working:

    Bytheway no working gameconfig at all on the site. :'(

    Is Redux shit? Or what?

    Thank you


    Change your thread title to be more descriptive.

    Redux is questionable in stability and performance yes. You probably made a mistake while installing the other mods though, so try restoring whatever you did and doing it again properly.

  • Okay I'll check it thank you

  • Redux is shit.

    It's creation is centered around stolen mods. Half of the victims of the mod theft were mostly 5Mods members, and several people complained it'd cause problems with GTA 5, like non-stop crashing, lag, etc... also this whole community has been calling Josh Romito (the creator of Redux) out on his shit and some people started to wake up to the fact.

    If I were you I'd drop Thiefdux. Though, that's purely your choice. However, other members here... won't take too kindly to the fact you're using Redux, so if you see any harsh comments, remember I gave you a heads up for this.

  • Okay I'll try something else. Thank you.
    Any ideas?

  • @GambinoYT If you want graphics mods, try NaturalVision, that one is quite nice.

    If you're looking for real life textures, there's L.A roads, and various real life company stuff like Coca-Cola (even a classic delivery truck from the 60s, if that's the thing you're into!)

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