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OpenIV Crash (HELP)

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    @GtxGaming Oh thank god!

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    @GtxGaming I search and search but didn't get a fix ): because you are the only one with that problem ):

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    @GtxGaming Can you post the log files please?

  • @Trevor777 this is my GTAV folder >> ![alt text](0_1511876934449_upload-4a232373-2029-4706-b054-53aba86a5f80 image url)

  • @Trevor777 where do i find the log files? i have to wait 10min just to reply :S

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    @GtxGaming Share me your asiloader.txt file ad OpenVI.txt file via media fire!

  • @GtxGaming Personally at this point i would remove all mods including the controller emulator, reshade and related files, and then go to Steam and right click on GTA, choose properties, then local files, then click on verify integrity. Let that run and then try starting the game again.
    If it works then you can start adding your mods in with OpenIV first then test if game works, then add your controller emu and test, then add your reshade and test again.

    Also can you click on folder properties in Windows and show file extensions and put the view on details and click types to group all file types together and then post another screen shot of your game directory. I know you already done this but I'd like to see file extensions as it helps me out.

  • @GtxGaming Oh and also while your at it make sure your microsoft .net framework and visual c++ redistributable, and visual studio are all installed or up to date.

  • I give up now my game wont run at all and this is all i have in folder after i did a new reinstall of GTAV :(

    0_1511970352622_upload-9b5786fa-e4e8-4f8e-9ca2-afd97178cc10 image url)

  • @GtxGaming Do the Verify files in Steam and let it run all the way through.

  • @krissboo Yea i did that after and now everything works mods and game i put pic on here before i did the Verify files in Steam. After i did that it all worked for now cross my fingers it stays like this and im going to backup my GTAV folder.

  • @GtxGaming Yeah fingers crossed but you should be good from here. And yeah always backup :) Anyways happy gaming dude or dudette ;)

  • @krissboo Thanks bud im a male lol. Yea i so hope the game stays the way its running now so all gd for now :D

  • @GtxGaming Ha well I didn't want to offend so put the dudette just in case lol. And cool that it all seems to be working. Sorry to Trevor777 cause his intentions were obviously good but I had to jump in because he was offering you the wrong kind of help. Anyways it's all good, and glad you're up n running. Shout me if you need any more help with anything.

  • @krissboo Do u know of any realy cool sirens pack i can download as the default ones i have at the moment are so boring lol i want something cool and lighting to go with the sirens not bright ones only cool and not like GTAV Default Ones.

  • @GtxGaming Have a look through these and see what you can find bro http://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/audio/ or here https://www.gta5-mods.com/search/sirens

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    @krissboo Hey man. Thanks for helping this guy, I cant help him because I have pirated version of GTA V, so I don't know much about steam version.

  • @Trevor777 You have a pirated game. Do you know that we do not offer help or support to people using pirated versions.

    See here https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/8/gta5-mods-com-community-guidelines for T&C of the site.

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    @krissboo Lol, I am not here for any support and help. Anyway how are you?

  • @Trevor777 I know but admitting to using a pirated version of gta is gonna get you banned here.

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    @krissboo Well I that sounds weird, I need to talk to the administrator. Thanks for the information.

  • @Trevor777 why does that sound weird? but if you want to speak to @Global-Moderators please do.

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    @krissboo Yeah that is kinda weird because that's not good to not allow the people who use pirated version, so this thing needs to stop.


    @Trevor777 We can't offer support to someone that has not bought the game, basically for the next:

    1.- Anyone can think we support piracy and this is bad for the site and for us.
    2.- Anyone can have problems that doesn't happen with a legal version of the game, so we can't help anyway if we would want.
    3.- If you've enjoyed the game, at least you can buy it to support the developers and let them to continue creating future GTA's or any other of their greatest games.
    4.- The legal version has many features that can't work on older/pirated ones, and that happens too with most of the mods released on this website.

    There are still more reasonable grounds, but I've mentioned the most important ones. We won't offer any kind of help to pirate version users, and also talking about piracy can get the user a ban.

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    @Reyser Look I don't want any support, I don't even download mods from about a week, I don't even want help in the forum, I don't even play GTA V but I have it because I need to help the people in the forum, I am here for nothing, I am here just to help the people on the forum. If you still think I am not good for this site then ban me.

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