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Add-On Mod Help!

  • So I am wanting to make my mod an add on. Its a mod of a base game car, but I have no idea where to start with this.

  • @DavidFliesPlanes Thank you for the reply, I'm gonna watch that in a bit.

  • @DavidFliesPlanes I got it to work. I watched the first video and it was not too bad. only problem i'm having is my interior is messed up. It is entirely carbon fiber. It's some weird texture issue but im not sure how I could fix it?

  • Also the game is crashing when i try to change any parts, and i have no sounds at all. My mod was a suspension mod that i changed a base game car. I was wanting to make it an add on so that all the cars didnt have this weird suspension mod.

  • @godbmxes i had that problem too, tough i don't remember how i fixed it (interior). Now i never did this with a car, so i can't tell you..... sorry

  • @DavidFliesPlanes No problem I'm in touch with the creator of the tutorial and add on kit and he is helping me. Thank you for showing me the video.

  • I havent heard back from the O.P. of the video in a bit. My problem is I cannot get the interior to be norma. Also I cannot change the wheels or anything but paint. Someone said something about the carcols.meta and carvariations.meta but I don't know anything about them and his files don't help much.

  • Anyone?

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