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FIB granger boards not working

  • I had FIB granger replaced with Chevrolet suburban with boards, it worked fine before I made a clean install of the game with all updates, but today I found out the boards were not working, when wanted there is only one NOOSE member as a driver, not those other two standing on the boards... then I tried to replace it back with original granger but the wipers are still not working... anyone have any idea why? All advices are appreciated.

  • and now I found out its not working also on sherriff granger... what the hell is going on..

  • @libertz Have you installed the wipers script mod and used the 2 files from the additional folder in the Chevrolet suburban?

  • @krissboo I did use the 2 files from additional folder but wipers script mod, where can I find it? Weird is it dont work even for original vehicle

  • @libertz Well there's 2 wiper mods, so not sure which one is the one to use but try em anyways.



    I had sound problems with one of them when I tried it tho

  • I should also mention that Im using modified wanted level, but that always worked normally, been using it for most of time. I had an issue with this before, when I was using different suburban with no wipers, then I switched to this with wipers and it worked fine

  • @krissboo waaait a second I used wrong word, since english is not my native language... I mean those things NOOSE members use for standing on grangers right next to the door, I dont know how its called..

  • @libertz that's ok bro...your english is fine by the way. Do you mean the running boards down the sides of the vehicles?

    (black board thing in between the wheels in this image?)

    alt text

  • @krissboo exactly thats it

  • @libertz ah right, then i'm sorry to say i'm not sure what would cause them not to stand on those. I will try and find out for you later on tho if someone else doesn't see this and help out

  • @krissboo How would you find out this? I googled this problem and basically nothing found. This is another mystery like that huntley car which cant be replaced (looks like only one) every other car is replaced, according to OpenIV there is only Toyota RAV4 badged as huntley but still it only spawns original huntley... but that dont worry me that much like this

  • @libertz I'd do a search when replacing cars as some of them are found in more than one location....the huntley can be found in patchday2 and pathday10 folders. Always replace the one in the latest folder - so here you would replace in patchday10ng

  • @krissboo so thats it... OpenIV was only looking for huntley in mods folder, thats why it couldnt find in 10 folder. Thanks man. And im using modified dispatch yes, but not this one... Im using the one from https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/rebalanced-authority but much older version and I modified it by myself later. Its one of things I did right, never had problems with that. And those granger boards were working.

  • @libertz cool. Yeah Openiv will always use the files from the latest patchday folder.
    When I looked at comments in the wanted level mod I linked, people were saying that FIB etc were turning up with only a driver so I wondered if it was the same thing with your mod.

  • @krissboo I dont know its the same dispatch i ve been using for most of the time... whats the matter and how to fix this... if I had any idea that would be cool... im not as good as you at this stuff, you can see that.

  • https://imgur.com/a/eC7fg I dont know if you can see it properly... this is how it was for the whole time...

  • @krissboo loool this is so weird, I just tried it with default dispatch and still grangers spawn only with NOOSE driver.. now I have literally no idea what causes this

  • @libertz sorry bro, had to go out for a bit....I'm all out of ideas tho, but hopefully someone will jump in and help out. Maybe have a look or ask in the RDE thread (different mod but someone might be able to help in there)

  • @krissboo so I found out its in vehicles.meta, replaced it with original and now it worked normally, im gonna take a look and compare these two, find out where the problem exactly is

  • @libertz Nice one. Can you let me know what you find out as it will be useful for helping others out in the future :)

  • @krissboo I found only one difference where at fbi2 there is in line 9805: <layout>LAYOUT_RANGER_SWAT</layout> this was in original status, in the one I was using there was "_SWAT" missing... and thats what fixed it. Now I can just replace the original granger to chevrolet suburban and its all set at least for this issue. Hopefully other units like FIB agents and military at 5 stars will work normally like they used to. I have some heavy shit wanted level man. Default just sucks.

  • @libertz Awesome. Glad you got it all sorted in the end, and can now play the game as you want it.

  • @krissboo so there is another bug, these insurgents spawning empty at 5 stars, I had this issue before though, then I fixed it but dont remember how... you know what kind of bug im talkin about?

  • @libertz said in FIB granger boards not working:

    insurgents spawning empty at 5 stars

    I found this https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/dispatch-ghost-fix

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