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[MISC] SplashScreen for Project

  • Hai guys, I need someone good in Photoshop or another image editor to create a simple splashscreen for my new project, an advanced IDE for GTA V Scripts Developers.

    alt text

    I just want the green stripes like in GTA V logo in the background of the splashscreen image.
    alt text
    What I have.. I made the gradient but IDK how to put the stripes:
    alt text

    Could someone do it ? I'll add your credits to the software.

  • The lines seem to be radiating out from somewhere near the letter V. It would help if we knew what you wanted in the middle.

  • @Bandeshi I want something like this in the background but with the radius lines... Just like in the V logo.
    alt text

  • This is what I could make in 30 minutes
    alt text

    The top left and bottom right of the image looks okay but the rest of it overlaps in a weird way because the pattern is not "curved" like the one in the logo. The lines can't go all in the same direction. They have to curve around a certain point so that there is enough space for the lines to fit neatly next to each other.

    alt text
    So the example you gave me only works if the line are all straight, but because the lines are curved, the entire pattern has to curved as well.

  • @Bandeshi That's really nice, could you make the lines more thin and use this hex color (#48633c)...?
    It would be perfect :)

  • Oh, wow, this looks like a really nice IDE.
    Might have to give it a shot when you release it ;)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Putting a rectangular pattern inside a rectangular frame is too hard for me. This is the closest I can get to replicating the pattern in the logo without getting the weird overlaps.
    alt text

  • @Bandeshi Wooah, bro this is exactly what I want, welcome to the VDots team :)
    I'll put your credits there.
    Thanks for this.

  • Sorry to be off-topic, but how is it "advanced" than Visual Studio? I mean, ok, its an IDE, but whats the point? Visual Studio is here, so..?

  • @GTAVModder4Life Hai, that's a great question. One of my goals is to make a really advanced and user-friendly IDE focused on GTA scripts development.
    It can be useful for new members to learn coding.

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