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Error:This folder doesnt contain gtaIV.exe file (openiv)

  • I just bought gta from steam and i wanted to start using some mods such as adding new cars and motorcycles, the flash, the hulk etc. When i go to use open iv i get this error message above saying it cant find the exe file for some reason. its quite irritating. if someone has a solution or can help that would be awesome.

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    @DarthVooper Reinstall OpenVi and your GTA V game. I think some files are missing.

  • @Trevor777
    I had the same issue today and this worked for me. Thanks! I unistalled both GTAV and OpenIV. Next I re-installed GTAV and then OpenIV. Worked like a charm!

  • My suggestion for others:

    Go to your GTA V directory and check if that EXE file exists or not.
    If the file doesn't exist, then your problem is with GTA V. If you have the Steam version just verify the game cache to get all the files back.
    If the file does exist, the problem is probably with OpenIV. Try reinstalling OpenIV.

    I would not suggest uninstalling and reinstalling GTA V. That's like 60 GB you have to download again!

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