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Want to Create Own Vehicle

  • Hey i want to learn how to create a own add on or replace vehicle in GTA 5
    someone please help me and tell me which softwares are required

  • @usman47 Hey!

    If You really want to learn, You must understand, that You need to do it on Your own (most of convertors don´t have that time to explain from zero). This will take a LOT of time on first try. Luckily, there are quite good tutorials by SCRAT and I suggest starting from that 5-part tutorial of converting some vehicle from earlier GTA games.

    Part 1 is here:

    Main tool You need is zModeler3 and for work with textures, I suggest Photoshop or GIMP.

    I also learned it completely on my own, so You can save Your time straight away, by not "hoping to get help here".

  • @HRH Thank You

  • @usman47 As a first step, I recommend You to learn, which functions do what. Import some random vanilla vehicle (buffalo2.yft for example). 2 very often used functions are "Move"(under Modify tab) and "Scale"(under Modify tab). Try moving and scaling the wheel, for example. Very important is the white box in upper middle with "Local", "World" and "Screen". I suggest keeping it "Local" most of the time. Now learn the axes, all three (X,Y,Z) of them are pointing in different directions. If You want to move something left-right, use X. If You want to move something up-down, use Y. If You want to move something forward-backward, use Z.

    I sort of started with these simple procedures...

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