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[C#] Driver

  • in my mod there is a driver who drives to me and as soon as he reaches me, he park and comes out of the car, this is my code but I know it is not the way to go for it, also because he drives like a madman and invests me(lol) as I can do? thank you

    meccanico.Task.DriveTo(spawnAuto, World.GetNextPositionOnStreet(player.Position), 0, 10);
    spawnAuto.IsInvincible = true;

  • You should set the driving style to make them dive the way you want.
    Some styles are.
    1 = stop before vehicles
    2 = stop before peds
    4 = avoid vehicles
    You simply add them up in this case 7.
    More on driving styles here.

    Instead of using a wait. And the giving a new task. You can use task sequence.

    var seq = new TaskSequence();
    seq.AddTask.DriveTo(spawnAuto, World.GetNextPositionOnStreet(player.Position), 5.0f, 30.0f, 7);

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