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LSPDFR Online is not working at all

  • I installed it what i thought was correct. The only thing i dont have that the video i was watching did was the maga something. also i have an asi loader. but the video said to use dinput8.dll but that makes my game crash after about 30sec of trying to load. I press F9 and nothing happens when i do get in (after removing dinput8). I have no idea on what to do at this point.

  • @drastix Idk what kind of strange video you watched there but LSPDFR needs the RagePluginHook. Go get it here: https://ragepluginhook.net/Downloads.aspx
    I am also confused by the word "Online" in your title. Be aware that you can NOT play GTA online with ANY mods! If that's what you are trying then your game crashes for this reason.
    Maybe you are talking about LSPDFR Online? I have never heard of that and it does not officially exist. If this is a hacked version of LSPDFR which makes it available in GTA Online then here is a serious WARNING:

    1. If there is a hacked version of any mod it's illegal as it violates the copyright of the mod owner.
    2. Playing GTA online with a modded game gets you banned from the Rockstar servers!

  • Its on this site. Someone said it was fake but they put a lot of work into it to be fake. Its the Co-op version i guess. but no i have ragehook. I play LSPDFR just fine. Just cant figure out the server if its even real.

  • @drastix Could you please give us a link?
    Also, please use the little reply link right below my comment (not the big green Reply button) or prepend @Cyron43 to your comment or I will not get a notification.

  • @Cyron43 https://es.gta5-mods.com/scripts/multiplayer-co-op

    When people say to install it they call it LSPDFR online but it’s actually Co op.

  • @drastix There's a link in the description to a site where you can post issues and suggestions. Have you seen this?

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