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[VEHICLE] Audi TT, but not your typical request

  • I'm not requesting something for someone to make, but rather looking for something to help me make something.

    I've been wanting to convert a model of the 2016 Audi TT, this one:

    To GTA V but so far haven't found a decent free model of it. Does anyone know where I can source one? Preferably below 500,000 polies because I don't like ridiculously high details.

  • This post is deleted!

  • You sure you didn't catch a virus?
    Because I've uploaded the file online and 8/56 scans says it has a virus, including Symantec and AVG...

    What's the poly count?

  • @Frazzlee
    "Audi_TT_2014_max.rar" uploaded it as RAR, idk why you download it as exe o.O

  • @tk0wnz Sorry, i will upload it somewhere else again. I will edit this post with link later.
    #EDIT: Download link here: Click me.

  • @Frazzlee i don't want to create another account you know, and about the mega, isn't the links now time limited? :O

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