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Vstancer and Rockstar Editor

  • so im trying to use this mod with R* editor and i found out that in the actual editor the track width gets reset. I no longer have the "HELLA FLUSH" fitment i had previously when i was actually ingame using the menu. My game version is the most recent.

    EDIT: this only seems to happen with the vanilla wheels that are already ingame. Modded wheels seem to work fine. The only reason i'm trying to use the vanilla wheels in the first place though is to be able to edit the wheel width/tire stretch and radius

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    I'm pretty sure the wheel width/tire stretch and radius work for modded rims too. I have a heap of rims that replace some of the default ones that work 100% for sure anyway & I'm 80% sure the other rims I have installed as an add-on work too.
    VStancer https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/vstancer#description_tab was just updated a few weeks ago to v0.2.1 (that's the version I'm using). There is also a slightly different version of the mod available in the comments as a reply to one of my posts. This is the download link for that version:
    (rename to VStancer.asi). Might be worth a test.

    If not, you could try to replace a set of default rims with modded ones & see if that allows you to get through R* Editor with the track alignment you want. Hope you get it sorted anyway. Best of luck

  • Ill give it a shot, Thanks!

    Im guessing i could get custom rims on the main website? Ill look around

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    Yeah, you can find rims on the main site.

    here's a search for 'rims'


    & one for 'wheels' (there is a tag for 'wheels' to be used by mod authors so this search finds more)


  • so im still getting the same issue, ill have pretty much credit card fitment but once i get into the editor im tucking super hard. It's still resetting the track width of the wheel.

    Its weird because in the actual preview of the clip i record i can see in the picture that the fitment is the way i want it to be. Its as soon as i get into the editor that it screws up

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    Just having a little look at the Vstancer page https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/vstancer & I noticed this.

    "Known bugs (pls help)

    • Lowrider vehicles hydraulics are broken
    • Wheels clip through ground with extreme angles
    • Wheels clip through ground with extreme low height
    • While the mod is active, car wheel deformation is not active
    • Wheels reset in the editor and in cars you're not sitting in "

    Not sure if it is a new bug or has been there all along. ikt (mod author) is a good guy & by the "(pls help)" above I would say he is looking for as much info on the bugs as he can get. Contact him & see what he says.

  • ya ill shoot him a message, thanks for the tremendous help though man!

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    No probs man. Hope you get it figured out

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