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[C#]Save Tuning

  • i'm doing a Save car script.. but not all works fine.. but like color and model works.. what can i do? and how i can get the motor type traction suspenction extra(spoiler etc..)? in natives i don't fin anythings

    string neon = CurrAuto.NeonLightsColor.ToArgb().toString();
    ini.WriteValue("Car" + select, "Neon", neon);
    if (CurrAuto.WindowTint == VehicleWindowTint.Stock)
    ColVet = "Stock";
    else if (CurrAuto.WindowTint == VehicleWindowTint.PureBlack)
    ColVet = "PureBlack";
    ini.WriteValue("Car" + select, "WinTint", ColVet);
    string PlateType = CurrAuto.NumberPlateType.ToString();
    ini.WriteValue("Car" + select, "PlateType", PlateType);

    WinTint[select] = SaveC.GetValue<string>("Car" + select, "WinTint", "Empty");
    if (String.Compare(WinTint[select], "Stock") == 0)
    spawnAuto.WindowTint = VehicleWindowTint.Stock;
    else if (String.Compare(WinTint[select], "PureBlack") == 0)
    spawnAuto.WindowTint = VehicleWindowTint.PureBlack;
    PlateType[select]= SaveC.GetValue<string>("Car" + select, "PlateType", "Empty");
    Neon[select]= SaveC.GetValue<string>("Car" + select, "Neon", "Empty");

  • @Santo99 My forceRespawnVeh() function (Found here) makes a clone of a vehicle with (most) tuning parts intact, it may be of help.

  • @stillhere thanks!! I ll try

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