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  • Hi, well... my problem its: i enter to the game and load all normaly but when end to load my savegame my character its flying under map... and i can´t teleport with mod menu HELP PLZ thx

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    The first thing to do is load up other save files & verify that the problem persists throughout all saves & isn't just happening to the one save.

    If you have a 'mods' folder, move it briefly somewhere else on the same hard-drive & try loading the game to see if the problem persists.

    If it is happening to all saves then it is very likely that one or more of your game files (.rpf) has become corrupted & you will have to move to verifying/re-downloading/replacing the corrupted files. You will have to research the best way to do this depending on what version of the game (Steam, Disc etc) you are using. I have no experience with this & can only point you in the right direction but Google/Youtube should be able to help.

    Tip - Before you change/do anything make a backup of your install folder so that you can always come back to this point if things go even more wrong. Hopefully not, but better safe than sorry.

    Here is a link to a very basic R* article about verifying the integrity of the game's cache. Please take the time to read through the various procedures (& check out the pages it links to) & find which one is right for you depending on what version of the game you are using. The link will get you started but you may have to do some more Googling to truly identify & understand how to fix your game.


    I'm pretty tech savvy so if you do have a problem or don't understand something feel free to post back here & I will try to help you the best I can. Best of luck

  • @JonaQ thx but i tried this and nothing... and i have my manual save and automatic save... and the 2 have a error

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    Have you searched for & replaced all corrupt .rpf archives?

    I'm pretty sure that is where your problem resides.

    If you start a new game without using a mods folder & the problem persists on a fresh new save then it is almost definitely some kind of corruption to one/some of the games's .rpf's.

  • @JonaQ i try to run without "mods" folder... and say u how works...

  • @JonaQ ahh... i forget to say... i didn´t have "mods" folder... only scripts

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    Have you installed any other mods (using OpenIV to install to one of the .rpf archives) or are you just using scripts installed in the 'scripts' folder in the main GTA V install folder?

    \Grand Theft Auto V\scripts

    If you are just using scripts installed to the 'scripts' folder & no other mods then you are safe to reinstall the game (just save your 'scripts' folder somewhere while you do it just to be safe).
    If you have installed other mods then you will need to either:

    A )- Reinstall those mods after reinstalling the game
    B )- Follow the process of manually finding & replacing individually corrupted archives as mentioned above.

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