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Restore a Corrupt RPF ? I need help

  • Hi I need help i have many car mods in a vehicles.rpf in . i havent any backup of the moded cars . after rebuilding the rpf open iv cant open it and say "unable to open archive Unknown file format or archive is corrupted"
    Is there any way to fix the file or extracting the cars from that archive ? I really need help
    This rpf is in my mods folder and after removing it my game works correctly so i dont need reinstall the game please dont ask me to reinstal the game just i need the cars in that rpf i havent any backup from them in other place .

  • @GTA-Elit said in Restore a Corrupt RPF ? I need help:

    i havent any backup of the moded cars

    why haven't you created a mods folder...?

  • I have mods folder
    the vehicles.rpf in mods folder is corrupt
    my game is now correctly work i just lost many cars in a vehicles.rpf in mods folder
    now how can i restore them ?
    i restore my windows to last restore point but noting happened to my gta
    now i have a corrupted vehicles.rpf is ther any way to fix it or extract the cars from it ?

  • @GTA-Elit If you remember the last vehicle you replaced then just copy the original data of that vehicle over the modified one.
    If you do not remember then copy the original vehicles.rpf over the one in your mods folder and re-install all the addon/replace cars and hope it won't mess up again this time. Sorry but there is no other way.

  • i remember that but how car i replace that ?
    the open iv cant open the vehicles.rpf because that is corrupt after rebuilding the archive

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