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No texture when I open a ydr file in 3DS MAX

  • Hey guys. Today I tried to import a ydr file (bh1_16_bld01.ydr) into 3DS MAX 2016 with GIMS evo. The 3D model (ydr) was imported correctly. But there was a warning showing in GIMS evo saying: Can´t find texture file ... . What did I do wrong
    has somebody the same problem or a solution? Or is there another thread? I would realy appreciate it. Video of my problem:

  • @Vlad Hi, first, youre god. thank you :) Now that i have edited the files how can I get a ydr file out of them?

  • @Vlad When I export the ydr file with openFormats I get the .odr and a folder with the dds files. When I just place the .odr file into the rpf the dds files that i edited wouldnt be imported with the .odr right? And when i go into OpenIV and press the green + , the .odr is not getting converted. Theres just the .odr in the rpf.

  • @Vlad Alright i found my mistake. I have 2 last questions (sorry :)). 1. When there is (example) a shopname like ponsonbys that has the same letter more than 1 time in the name the letters are only 1 time in the dds (ponsonbys -> ponsby) and the letters are beeing put together in the right order again. If i want lets say GUCCI to be my storename how do I have to put the letters in order? 2 The to the storname is also a dds in the folder that is like the storename just blue and id looks like 3d. How can I edit this dds?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Vlad Well, thank you for youre help and taking time for me :)

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