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Make a prop spawnable ?

  • Hello ! I don't really know if this topic goes here but... let's be adventurous :)

    So, I love spawn in WoW and I want to practice spawn in GTA V. I've dowloaded "Menyoo" and "Custom Props Add-On". I tried some few things and I loved spawn in GTA.

    However, I don't found any interesting mod which adds simple props as... as a lot of props that I found in the game like those in the Mission Row police station for exemple.
    I wanted to add this prop, a simple flag : Flag
    I used OpenIV to find it. I know exactly where it is and I tried some few things to add it but I'm litteraly a beginner in modding. It always show me that : Error

    So, the model is the problem but I don't know how to fix this, can someone help me ? :c

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