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Where to begin?

  • I'd like to start making plugins, and scripts for LSPDFR and figured I'd start with a rather simple one requested to me by a friend. I basically want to create a plugin that will open both driver and passenger doors of the current vehicle that you're in at the press of a key. I come from a C++ background and not sure if I should stick with that or go the dotNET route and use C#.

    Anyone care to guide me?

    I've currently got a C# project up and running and using this.
    using LSPD_First_Response.Mod.API;
    using LSPD_First_Response.Engine.Scripting.Entities;

    Though I'm having trouble finding any functions or events that relate to doorOpen or anything of the sort.


    You'll have to use RagePluginHook to make scripts with LSPDFR. LSPDFR uses RagePluginHook.

    Opening doors in RPH:

    VehicleDoor[] doors = Game.LocalPlayer.Character.CurrentVehicle.GetDoors();

    Documentation of RPH.

  • @Jitnaught Thank you kindly! That's exactly what I needed to get this thing up and going!

  • @Jitnaught How do you check for a keypress with just Rage? I can't include GTA (using GTA;) with Rage without getting ambiguous errors.


    RPH doesn't have a GTA namespace as far as I know. Everything should be under the Rage namespace. The GTA namespace is from Script Hook V .NET.

    You can use Game.IsKeyDownRightNow(...) to check if a key is pressed, but that's all I know about (I don't use RPH so this is just from looking at other people's code).

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