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Air traffic control sound

  • Hi, i recently downloaded some ATC sounds and i wanted to put them into the game. The purpose was that when you fly a plane, you hear ATC some now and then.

    Any idea where to put the files?

  • @DyntoNL You will need a script, this will be the most logical way. Very alternatively, You can choose a radio station and replace out songs with Your ATC-speech and listen to this radio everytime You are flying.

    I have to admit, that I don´t even remember, is radio activated on airplanes or not :P In such case, use Menyoo and activate that "portable radio" function.

  • @HRH hmm....maybe someone wants to create a script for us!! i assume that i'm not the only one that would love that :D

  • @DyntoNL Although, vehicle mods can(!) be very time-consuming, then script mods are the king of "lost time". As I usually do, I suggest to learn making scripts straight away, if You are interested. Unfortunately, nobody moves a muscle without personal motivation and/or sufficient gratitude...

  • @HRH Guess i have to learn it myself than....

  • @DyntoNL Absolutely. You can do whatever the game allows in its specifications and if You only dare, You can "charge" people Yourself...

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