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Texture loss

  • So I get texture loss while playing LSPDFR. It'll happen gradually in the city, but the texture loss is much worse in Blaine County (it's the worst near paleto bay). I was curious what the problem was, so I booted up some monitoring tools and started GTA. I initially thought I was using too much VRAM, but I never passed 4GB while playing and still got texture loss. Maybe it's a CPU issue? I set GTA V to high priority and monitored my CPU, and was getting a steady usage rate of 50-60%. I;m not sure what the problem is, but it's getting really annoying. I've tried tinkering with NVIDIA control panel and adjusting the graphics settings, but it never seems to matter.

    Could it be a limitation with GTA V itself?

    Could it be because I use too many plugins?

    Why is this issue much worse in specefic areas?

    Info: I'm using the most recent version of GTA V, RPH and LSPDFR. I have roughly 10-15 plugins for LSPDFR and a few generic plugins/scripts (cruise control, sticky wheels). I am using custom models (replaced all vanilla police slots, firetruck and ambulance), but I've downloaded cars with proper LODS and never have too many spawned in one area. I've done some digging and can't seem to find any really useful answers, any help would be appreciated. Also all of my skins are 2K, I made sure to resize every skin I use.


    • Intel i7-770K

    • Nvidia 1070

    • Running GTA V on an SSD, windows and steam on an HDD

    • 32GB of 2400mhz ram


    @jacklop21 over here also replaced the police slots even without LOD cars because I used cvpi's Tahoe impala, etc all using 2K.
    So in that regard you're on the right track. I started suffering from loss when I had 50 scripts active and 3 added maps. That was too much.

    Now I don't use LSPDFR but I'd advise to move some scripts and plugins out, test and one by one put them back. Something script wise is necking your game

  • @ReNNie Alright, I mostly use plugins within LSPDFR (about 15ish plugins), and the only scripts I use are enhaned cruise control, rageshowmylocation and then the plugins for LSPDFR (callout packs, etc). I'll try testing the scripts, but it may be tricky, becuase sometimes I get texture loss in 5 minutes and sometimes it takes 20-30 minutes.

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