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Dlc added vehicle sounds

  • So all of the authors are replacing the vehicle sounds and i didnt want to mess up the original game sounds. Also i knew it was possible to add new car sounds to the game as rockstar's authors added in the dlc packs. I did some digging and i sucessfully added a lamborghini huracan sound to the game. I know because when i test it and select it in menyoo, it doesent give me the error wrong model as in there is no sound named huracan(if i delete it, it gives me the error so...). It DOES detect the sound but then again, there is no sound played when i use the car. Now my question is that is there anyone intrested in this so we can cooperate and have some progress?
    Maybe there is a problem with the sound file. I am going to try another mod and post the results here


    So you added a HURACAN soundfile and inputted the referral in vehicles.meta to it?
    Interesting stuff?!

  • @ReNNie yes i did and the game recognizes it as a sound file so no errors about the file by that name, not existing. But still no sound idk why

  • Have you ever tried this?

  • @Reza724 I've replaced siren sounds and had no issue.


    Matters about how they get replaced. I rebuilt everything using the OAC file after having made the alterations I needed.

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