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Steering Wheel on the right Vehicle Side. What can I do that the Player enter the Car trough the right Door?

  • Re: Problem with vehicles with right hand steering wheel

    I have the same Question because i have a Vehicle installed with the Steering Wheel on the right Side and the Player use the left Door to get in/out.
    Is there any Way that the Player enters the Car trough the Door on the right Side??
    Does anybody have a solution for that issue now?

    Greetings TheRemy ;)

  • @TheRemy It may be something about the way the vehicle's installed. Check for anything about vehicle statistics and see if they properly coded it to be right hand. Also make sure it has been installed correctly and that it's in the correct directory. Don't know too much about this problem, mainly because I never bothered to install right hand vehicles.

    plus I haven't played GTA 5 in a long time thanks to Windows 10 and the Destroyer's update. (creator's update, I'm implying it killed my system.)

    (another thought, load the model and check where the driver seat has been placed, should have a bodypiece/bone that's been marked to be the driver's seat, see what that brings, screenshot it if you can.)

  • @krashadam I've made a short Clip:
    RHD Preview

  • @TheRemy I'd bring that up with the mod developers. They've obviously fucked something up...


    @TheRemy look at Vsoreny's RX 7. It has a vehicleslayout.meta with a LAYOUT_LOW_RHD you can use

  • @ReNNie Do you have a Link, please? I only found a Addon :(

  • @TheRemy Why is this a problem, that You found only add-on? Add-on contains all the needed files, just open .rpf with OPENIV.

  • @HRH because the is no "vehicleslayout.meta" inside the dlc ;)

  • @HRH @ReNNie Hahaha i looked at it for second Time and i found it! I think i was blind at the first Time..^^


    das dachte ich mir doch

    hahaha you'll probably get it from here if not, report back

    I have a 'mazda' dlcpack with this vehiclelayouts.meta in the ai folder.
    I've set that dlc to order value=30 so it loads pretty much as the first extra one after the ones from R* and before other dlcpacks from me like 'jaguar' etc.
    That way this LAYOUT_LOW_RHD can also be used by other dlcpacks without the need of having that meta file included in those dlc's

  • @ReNNie Ok Thank You! I will test it Sunday Evening when i have a bit Timefor it. I report you the Result.. ;)

  • @TheRemy how u fix it ?

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