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Arcadius Office Garage to SP [W.I.P]

  • Update: 10/12/2017.
    Vanilla Cars working ok so far, still it's not posible to spawn a bunch of add-ons cars.

    I like the work of I'mNotMental, so i follow his steps to develop this Script.

    alt text

  • there's a problem after spawn 11 cars, game crash by memory issue (On 8Gb of ram)

  • @Krlos_Rokr Use vanilla cars, the game can't load the normal GTA V map and these vehicles without optimization at same time (people without CG rendering knowledge abuses of Rage game engine and uses heavy polycount, 4K textures, dozens of materials per vehicle and no proper LODs models). At least 16 GB in RAM and 6 GB in VRAM can handle unoptimized vehicles in quantity without issues.

    Option: Create the garage far away of main LS city to get more memory avaible.

  • @Rarefacer yeah, you're right, i think there's a way that we can unload the in game cars and peds from memory while the player in inside the garage, i have been checking native and maybe i can reduce vehicles lod distance while player in a diferent floor, i mean if you're in 2nd floor, 1st floor cars will toogle to lod model.
    To move garage i have to change the ipls coords.🤔

  • @Krlos_Rokr yeah is a good option handle the pool of entities in world when player is in garage.

  • Interesting. I can fill my 10 car garages up with custom cars, but some of them do go into low quality mode. I noticed that when I go into the garage when I have loaded up the first time, this doesn't occur.

    I have a gtx 970. I wonder if my game would be able to handle 10 more custom cars. Not to mention that the 10 car garage has no windows so the GPU isn't drawing the city, where the 20 car garages are.

    Perhaps adding an ini option which disables peds and traffic in the garage may help.

  • @Rarefacer : Yeah, i found some native to do the job , i'll test in a while, i hope reducing the amount of vehs and peds to 0 help with something about memory
    management, because i notice that set model as no longer needed doesn't help to much.
    @nkjellman : yeah that's other problem with the building there's a big window, so game will draw in that directión, maybe we can reduce the drawing distance inside garage.


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