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  • Hope to find help!
    Lately when i'm installing addon cars mods and when i'm entering the game all is working but when i'm trying to spawn the car it does not work .. even the new dlc cars does not work like the xa21, reaper and more ... all is installed like it need .. any solutions?

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    How many add-on do you have installed in total including the games dlc?
    There is a hardcoded add-on limit somewhere near 48 or 50 so if you have more than that many add-ons that is most likely your problem. If so, you will have to learn how to combine separate add-ons into 1 or 2 big add-ons. There are tutorials online of how to do & I think there are even mods that cater to it. Not my area of expertise though as I am nowhere near hitting the limit.

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