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When loading different savegame or new game loading screen stuck

  • As a title says I got this problem, when loading last position it loads and works fine... anyone have something like this? Does gameconfig have anything to do with this maybe? Please help

  • @krissboo do you have an idea about this?

  • @libertz Damn, sorry bro I forgot to reply to you. I can't think of anything other than a corrupt save game, but then that wouldn't happen on a fresh game. Have you tried lowering your directx in settings.xml? (in your Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V folder. Where it says <DX_Version value="2" /> change to 1 and try it. You never know ;)

  • @krissboo but that means its gonna get my settings to poor quality...

  • @libertz I suggested that because I remember it fixed a loading issue I had once.
    Always worth a try and if it doesn't work you can cross that 'fix' off the list ;)

  • @krissboo sure but since there is another silly update coming this tuesday im gonna deal with this next week. Its not that important now. Im gonna probably make some more videos

  • @libertz Sounds like a good idea.

  • @krissboo I also noticed that every time when I quit GTA V, social club says GTA V exited unexpectedly and system counts it as a crash... like what the fuck...

  • @krissboo lol I just tried it with Dx 10 and crashed when loading new game oh...

  • @krissboo so I tried to load another savegame with removed scripthooks and trainers, it worked. I tried to start a new game it either stucked and crashed or infinite loading... please response.

  • @libertz What gameconfig are you using?

  • @krissboo whoa... I dont know which one exactly, but it has to be the one you recommended to me previously.

  • @krissboo what the fuck now I cant even manually replay missions from menu.. what gives here? previously it went fine, never had issues with manual replaying...

  • @krissboo broh if you have no idea please just tell me.

  • @libertz I'm all out of ideas bro. Only thing I can think of is corrupt save game or try out as many gameconfigs as you can for your version of gta.

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