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TrainerV causing crashes.

  • Hello everyone!
    Im having some issues with game crashes after installing vehicle mods.
    The game runs fine with Redux, 4k water and Trainer V, but as soon as i install vehicle mods it crashes.

    Ive reinstalled MANY times, and the same issue appears every time i get the mods installed.
    The game runs fine without trainer V and all the mods. But the moment its installed it crashes.

    Any suggestions?
    Might also be dinput8.dll?
    Same issue occurs with NativeTrainer
    Im using the one that comes with Scripthook.

    GTA version: Updated version.
    Mods installed:
    Redux 1.2.1(Redux Ultra V1)
    Redux 1.2.1 hotfix
    4k water
    ProjectRELOAD 0.75
    Scripthook V
    ASI loader

  • The issue persues.
    Tried using Menyoo PC trainer, game crashed as before.
    Removed the files and now the game crashed as soon as the SocialClub splash screen comes up.
    Decided on uninstalling the game and reinstalling.
    But im still looking for a solution for the previously mentioned crash issue.

  • idk that hasn't happened to me only when I try and load the aircraft carrier it crashes.

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