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Taxi Addons Issue

  • I wanted to add a new variety of taxis to the game (taxi2 and taxi3) but upon testing them in-game I realized that they do not operate like a taxi e.g. The horn doesn't trigger a job and the dispatch voice never plays.

    Is there a meta I need to edit somewhere that can make my new taxis function like the base taxi?

    I've tried copying the taxi carvariation and vehicle metas and it seems that they do nothing. If it also makes a difference I've placed the new taxis within the mpxmas_604490 folder if that means anything as I've noticed putting vehicles in certain folders don't work properly...

    Please don't tell me you can only have 1 taxi in the game...

  • @GTA-Modding-Noob you can only have 1 taxi in the game

  • Damn for real? Ah that sucks. Back to generic civi vehicles I guess...

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