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Google maps mod...

  • I recommend figuring out how to use Google Earth and Google Maps Street View to create custom maps of people's home towns/ cities. How cool would that be? Google already has all the info. It ONLY needs to be captured and coded. 😉

    My city (Hamilton, ON, CA) has a 200 foot escarpment running through it, which we call "the mountain," along with the most naturally occurring waterfalls in the world (in one city), and would be fun to drive things off of. It's actually part of the Niagara Escarpment, and... how cool would it be to jump a boat off of the Canadian section of Niagara Falls???

    Best of luck, Mods.

  • @onemillionthmonkey The only problem is that, upon closing in on the 3d view for street view, AND Google Earth, it looks like fucking garbage.

    alt text

    I can see in the buildings that the textures don't look right, and that bush next to the Saint Mary's Parish Church is becoming the ground.

    Look, I 100% propose that real life locations get made, I'm on that board all the way, but the quality has to fit in.

  • quality is garabe indeed. If you want to use real life locations, better use Flight simulator X map with some HD mods available for FSX, or X-plane 11 with HD Mesh v3. Ofcourse the quality will not be the same as GTA V but much better than google earth

  • @shephart Better, why not just learn modeling? Or better yet, use a program like Hammer Editor with custom models and textures and then use something like Ninja Ripper to get the map in a usable 3D format (since .bsp and .map are useless to anything else) then port your created map to GTA 5?

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