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Triple 4K monitor setup and crashes upon opening Setting menu

  • Hi,

    I am trying to set up three 49” TV on 4K resolution. I have two GTX 1080 TIs (SLI-bridged) that provides 22G VRAM, two Xeons and 63G RAM in my PC. SLI surround is working fine.

    My problem is, when I launch GTA5, load the story mode and hit Esc to open the game's Setting menu, the game crashes. The game actually loads fine and I can play in it, but as soon as I hit Esc or the equivalent button on my controller it freezes. I've read on the internet that lowering the game setting could potentially help the triple-4K monitor problems, however, I'm unable to do so as I cannot even open the setting.

    Has anyone encountered the same situation? Any help/suggestion is appreciated, thank you!

  • @csuga damn that's a nice setup. However xeons aren't meant for gaming so that might have something to do with it.

  • @wlupoli Yeah I suspect so too... hope there's a way to deal with it rather than buying another set of CPUs but so far no chance :(

  • @csuga unfortunately you might have to buy a new CPUs such as an i9 or one of the high end i7 either x299 or the 8th gen. However, their might be a possible work around (no guarantee) I know that the Nvidia quadro gpus have support for a ton of high powered monitors to be powered at once which might help make up for the Xeon issue. The only problem is that just one of them is like $4,000

  • I am having the same problem, but a little different, when I start up the game and hit the setting its fine, change character model via addonpeds or activate a cheat then press if it crashes.

  • Ok here's an update. I figured that I can change the game's graphical setting without opening in-game menu, but from GeForce Experience app from Nvidia.

    And the conclusion is that even with the lowest graphical quality setting, as soon as I start the game and hit Esc then game crashes. So I am guessing that opening the setting layer on the top of the game requires extra computation resource and it causes to crash? Not sure though...

    As the side note, when the game resolution is not 4k everything is fine. Plus even when it's 4K and as long as I don't open the setting menu it's fine. So I guess for now I will play around without 4K or 4K with no setting...

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