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Car water spray in rain

  • Hi, i want to make mod where water spray (which car causing driving through rain) is much bigger than standard in game, so im looking for a file where i can tweak size of the spray, i dont know where to look, maybe this should be done in textures? If anyone know where i can find these values, please post a path or any directions. Also i know that there is mod called heavy rain that adds more rain to game but water spray stays the same as original, thanks for any advice

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    Try vfxvehicleinfo.ymt
    It can now be opened & extracted using OpenIV (Ctrl+S when file is highlighted in OpenIV or right-click the file & select 'Extract to META/XML (.xml)').

    There are 2 locations for the file:



    Note: You can search for 'vfxvehicleinfo.ymt' in OpenIV using Ctrl+F3 (Also 'Tools' tab> 'Search')

    Edit the one in update.rpf (Only edit the one in x64a.rpf if you do NOT have one in update.rpf).

    Note: When putting the edited file back using OpenIV don't change the '.ymt.xml' file extension just drag & drop it as is & OpenIV will convert it to a .ymt on it's own :thumbsup:

    In 'vfxvehicleinfo.ymt' there are various item types. You will be mostly interested in:

    <Item type="CVfxVehicleInfo" key="VFXVEHICLEINFO_CAR_GENERIC">

    <Item type="CVfxVehicleInfo" key="VFXVEHICLEINFO_CAR_BULLET">

    <Item type="CVfxVehicleInfo" key="VFXVEHICLEINFO_CAR_ELECTRIC">

    <Item type="CVfxVehicleInfo" key="VFXVEHICLEINFO_CAR_HOTKNIFE">

    There are others for forklift, golf car, motorbikes, trains, trucks etc

    Under these headings (right at the very bottom of each) are these settings:

      <splashInPtFxEnabled value="true"/>
      <splashInPtFxRange value="100.00000000"/>
      <splashInPtFxSizeEvoMax value="9.00000000"/>
      <splashInPtFxSpeedDownwardThresh value="2.00000000"/>
      <splashInPtFxSpeedLateralEvoMin value="2.00000000"/>
      <splashInPtFxSpeedLateralEvoMax value="18.00000000"/>
      <splashInPtFxSpeedDownwardEvoMin value="2.50000000"/>
      <splashInPtFxSpeedDownwardEvoMax value="18.00000000"/>
      <splashOutPtFxEnabled value="true"/>
      <splashOutPtFxRange value="50.00000000"/>
      <splashOutPtFxSizeEvoMax value="9.00000000"/>
      <splashOutPtFxSpeedLateralEvoMin value="0.00000000"/>
      <splashOutPtFxSpeedLateralEvoMax value="2.00000000"/>
      <splashOutPtFxSpeedUpwardEvoMin value="0.00000000"/>
      <splashOutPtFxSpeedUpwardEvoMax value="2.00000000"/>
      <splashWadePtFxEnabled value="true"/>
      <splashWadePtFxRange value="50.00000000"/>
      <splashWadePtFxSizeEvoMax value="9.00000000"/>
      <splashWadePtFxSpeedVehicleEvoMin value="4.00000000"/>
      <splashWadePtFxSpeedVehicleEvoMax value="15.00000000"/>
      <splashWadePtFxSpeedRiverEvoMin value="0.00000000"/>
      <splashWadePtFxSpeedRiverEvoMax value="15.00000000"/>
      <splashTrailPtFxEnabled value="true"/>
      <splashTrailPtFxRange value="50.00000000"/>
      <splashTrailPtFxSizeEvoMax value="9.00000000"/>
      <splashTrailPtFxSpeedEvoMin value="0.50000000"/>
      <splashTrailPtFxSpeedEvoMax value="90.00000000"/>

    I haven't edited any of them yet but I'm pretty sure this is what you are looking for. Make a backup of the original file before you start & you will then be free to mess about with the settings to see what each of them do in-game. Best of luck.

  • @JonaQ WOW, thank you very much for this detailed answer, i will give a try and ill play a bit with these values, from their values names, im guessing that is what im looking for, but anyway, very professional answer, thanks again!

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