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A script for the turrets of the new aircraft/apc

  • I was wondering if we could get a script that will make the body guards fire the turrets on the bombushka plane that is in the last update before the new update comes cause every time I put the body guards in there they are able to aim at the target but don't fire the guns on the turrets but they are able to fire the turret on the mogul but never the bombushka and I don't know why though but it be nice to have a script for it so I won't be so easily shot down.

                                    thanks truly yours your biggest fan of your work on everyone's awesome work.

  • well I take it no one is either going to answer or don't like the Idea lol?

  • well I Guess this isn't a good idea? its been a while and no one seems to know or want to answer lol

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