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Best mod for changing all in game cars to real ones

  • Hi all, recently switched from xbone to laptop, installing gta5 right now, i was wondering is there a single mod that changes all cars to real models? new to all this as you can tell been looking through mods not sure which to get yet as they look ace, any help appreciated!

  • @Dr-Steelhammer As a little remarque, replacing(!) all the cars to real ones will make the game sort of unplayable with a laptop. Of course, depends, on which laptop You are...

    No, such "car packs" don´t exist here, because of the complexity of acquiring all the copyrights "one-by-one". I think I have written that before, but IMHO one such pack would be useful for the community and if my vehicles (not many uploaded here, I know) were to be used there, I would be POSITIVE, because overall, community wins, which should be the goal for all of us...

    Good luck, if somebody starts such project, I would gladly give permission to use my work, if it is offered in the way, I designed it to be (correct vehicles, handling and carvariations entries). Although, most authors lose their "download count" quite heavily after that and for some, I have noticed, this is very important.

  • Nice one man yeah im running on a good laptop lol

  • @Dr-Steelhammer

    OIV download link in the descript. Enjoy


    hahaha look at those comments :P

    supercars galore, texture problems, frequent crashes... enjoy!

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