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  • can anyone help me with this kind of problem. Cause everytime i Add some peds with has glowing effect like GodSpeed, Future Flash my game will stop unlike IronMan has a missing eyes and chest lights. What do i need to do with this kind a problem. please reply me if you have an idea so that i will try to use your idea if it works. Thank You

  • Call an exorcist???

    Hah well I couldn't resist...

    Anyway, honestly, I've had a similar problem but with using a different program than AddonPeds... When I had too many peds, sometimes they'd be missing textures or just looking weird. You might have too many mods and too many peds installed. Try removing about 1/3 to 1/2 of your peds and see if that clears it up.

    Also if that doesn't work then try removing your largest addon mod (like a large file car mod). If that doesn't work try deleting those peds and redownloading them...there maybe updates since you first downloaded them.


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