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Looking For Mods

  • I watch a lot of people on YouTube who are doing the whole DOJ thing, checked out their website, but they refuse to list what mods they are using. Seems sort of silly to me, but it is what is it.

    Could anyone tell me how they got the snow mod to work, or is that something to do with the actual server? I've looked at some of the snow mods, but a lot of them haven't been updated in years, and from the comments, don't work well.

    Secondly, I am looking for the fuel mod they use. Looking through fuel mods, I think I see the one they use, but again, it's outdated by a very long time, and the comments suggest it doesn't work anymore.

    Lastly, the damage mod that will kill your car if you take too much damage.

    If anyone could help me out with those, that would be great, thanks!

  • You can't find them because those are not mods, they use FiveM scripts and not regular .NET scrips that you find on here and because of that you can only use them on a FiveM server...

  • @Lukez3218 @Knagar they're not all fivem scripts. regular mods work too.



    these are in fact real mods.

    as for the damage mod, I think that feature exists in this mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/realistic-car-damage-roadreaper if it doesn't, type "damage car" (no quotations) into the search on the mainsite.

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