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I really like this site but

  • You are true gta modder friend, even for a fact most people can help with some heavier problems.
    But I think this site is to benevolent with bad mods. I mean some amateur shitty scripts, or skins has nothing to do here
    I am not saying everybody must be jebidediosh or eddim or others, but common there must be limit. Like MichaelDS said.
    Thanks, fruitful and successful new year.

  • We want to give everyone a chance to become better. Uploading their "bad mods" can give them criticism on how to improve and inspiration for new mods.

    Back when I started making mods for GTA IV, many of them were pretty useless and badly made. One of them was called "Find A Car For Me." What it did was teleport you to a nearby car. That's it. I also had a mod called "Headless" which just made your character's head invisible.
    If I wasn't able to upload my useless mods for GTA IV on gta4-mods.com back in 2013, I wouldn't have kept creating mods. I likely wouldn't have kept programming at all.

  • That could be truth if other moderators will not deleting critics comments and ratings.
    Plus many of this 'moders' will not continue in working anyhow.

  • @satyr We only delete comments that break the community guidelines.

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