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[Script and more] We are building a Team to Story Mod

  • Hi.
    I am trying to create a full story expansion, something like Episodes from Liberty City.
    Currently I am looking people who can handle it from technical/programing side and graphics.

    We have script in advanced faze. We are in touch with a musician who will create for us new theme song. And we still looking and asking students of acting academies to voice acting in this project (they have to get access to recording studio).

    There was a two ideas of expansion packs:

    1. Story about a mexican gang member, and how he is pushed deeper and deeper into crime life.About poorness and illegal immigrants.
      We wanted to get back a style of San Andreas- gang wars and so on.
      Currently we decided to leave this project, may be temporary, who knows?
      2.Story about a bad cop. Forging evidences, threatening, manipulate it's just beginning. The main protagonist have big hazzard debt in illegal casino, and he have to make bigger and more risk full scams, with make him also more trouble.
      There are ideas for new mechanics, weapons, characters, missions, side missions, activities, strangers tasks...

    If somebody is interested, please leave a comment. Thanks.

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