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Mark/unmark categories in browsing and searching

  • Site really need a feature which will give us able to pick categories we need. For example i want to see Most downloaded mods from last month but 9 from 10 mods from list is a car model. I dont need it, but i can exclude "Vehicle" from tags! I can see most downloaded Vehicle mods but i can see most downloaded mods expect of Vehicle mods. I think it ruins mod browsing experience for a lot of people.

    This would be awesome http://i.imgur.com/Z0FdC2Y.jpg

    Also add same for searching. Fox example i want to find some police mods, and again while searching "POLICE' 9/10 mods are police car models. I cant unmark "vehicle" to browsing only MODS, not CARS

  • @ULT1MATUM Why not, It's true, sometimes when you don't copy the exact name, we have to search a lot before we find what we wanted, a better filter will be easier, it could be nice if you can implement it @rappo , please :pray:

  • @ULT1MATUM For your first request - you can sort by Most Downloaded within each category to get specific. There aren't very many categories, especially if you're not interested in a couple like Vehicles or Paint Jobs. Here's an example link for Scripts: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/most-downloaded

    As for your second request I agree, I'm going to be looking into ways to make the search more advanced. Thanks for the suggestions

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