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Lore friendly-Imponte Dukes street rod

  • Re: Imponte Dukes street rod
    Anyone who previously read my Idea for a Burnout paradise inspired Imponte dukes, I just wanted to restate this idea for anyone who hasn't read this idea. This car would be based of of the "Carson Annihilator Street rod" from Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island. This car mod would evolve the Dukes to have an extended engine bay with no hood, rear window louvers, and altered front grill to remove the middle split. And last but not least the purple paint job with the dragon livery. And the Albany frankenstange's engine sound.

  • @cammedup At least 1 car modder needs to take interest in your request. Expect a paywall. Or not, there's the free2mod modders here, too, so if you can't pay money for a mod, pray that those types of people show up.

    I actually want to see this too, personally...

  • @krashadam
    Well how about that? it actually got made, I can't tell you guys how much I love this community =)

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