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Menyoo or Native Trainer crashing story mode @ loading screen

  • What am I doing wrong? Every time I try to use Nativetrainer.asi from ScriptHook or Menyoo, my game crashes @ loading screen when trying to start story mode.

    When i take out Menyoo or Nativetrainer, I am able to load in just fine.

    In addition, I have been getting failed initialization error after about 5-10 min of gameplay and game crashes with "err_gfx_d3d_init" error message.

  • @Tanner208 Don't use 2 trainers.

    obviously you should only run 1 trainer, best choice is Menyoo to be your only trainer, offers more than the outdated as all hell Native Trainer. Menyoo can accomplish a lot of shit, from map editing to replacing your car steering wheel with a fucking tire, or any prop of your choosing, which is why I say go for Menyoo, not Native Trainer.

  • I'm not using 2 trainers. I tried both separately and my game crashes before finishing loading in story mode. The readme says to just put the menyoostuff folder and menyoo.asi in the main GTAV directory... but should i be putting them somewhere else?

    Or maybe i am using another trainer Im not aware of thats interfering? Im new at this, sorry. I noticed i have a director mode when pressing M ingame.

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