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Custom animations

  • Hi, I understand that we can not do our animations so far. But I still do not understand why. I was told that there is no program in which it would be possible to create them. But what about 3D MAX? Why not? But how to save them. Maybe someone knows in which program ROCKSTAR made animations. I tried to find information about the mods for the animation for GTA 4, but I did not find anything.But for GTA SA do animations, I also did them. GTA SA players themselves created a program and a script for 3D MAX that allow exporting animations.

  • @PuppiesLover Software used for animations creation is not the same that animation file exported to native formats for GTA V game and its internal scripting control flags, there is the bridge that must cross by the modding tools developers. Import/Export plugin and proper animations storage format management is the real goal.

  • Don't create multiple topics about the same thing.

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