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pc banned because multiple accounts

  • my friend has 2 accounts 1 private account and 1 account from an modding group and now he is banned for havind multiple accounts

    can this be undone ?

  • Who's your friend?

  • @Jitnaught his account name is Kickburg here is the link to the account https://forums.gta5-mods.com/user/kickburg/posts

  • @teunolan2002 said in pc banned because multiple accounts:

    havind multiple accounts

    Well technically, he isn't supposed to.. not a lot of forums allow having 2 accounts because in the case of bans (say the alts weren't active in so long that both the moderation team and the administrators ended up forgetting about them completely, with Kickburg (or some other user with alts), being the only one to remember he had alts and use those alts to log on and browse the site under the potential of being banned again, if not, permanently. (if that's a thing the moderators do here, maybe @Jitnaught can correct me otherwise.)

    However, I may be wrong, @Southsde04 looks to have 2 accounts, one being Southsde04 and the other being Southsde, I'm not calling out @Southsde04 considering he isn't that bad of a character at all, but I think the only reason why 2 accounts for Southsde exists is probably because

    • Southsde is the main-site account that Southsde04 uses for uploading his mods.

    • Southsde04 is the forum account he uses for the forums.

    Don't ask me how I brought up another user, but Southsde wasn't banned for having multiple accounts and Kickburg was. Southsde may have a perfectly good reason to have 2 accounts but if Kickburg didn't ask moderators or admins if he could make alts and why he wanted to the first time, then I'm not surprised it got him banned.

    Also, the alts MAY have had something to do with this site: http://bugmenot.com/

    Bugmenot - Share logins!

    From past forum posts I've seen, apparently this site's original purpose was to help skip registration (either because it took too long or for most users the registration page was broken as all hell (been to sites like that)) and so a user could come here (to BugMeNot) and search for a particular domain name and then log into that account just to get past registration.

    If a site doesn't use IP bans (like here) this shit can get annoying real fast. I could create 3 accounts right now, this minute, and have 1 of them spam the forum full of inappropriate shit, harass everybody, and have that account get banned.

    While that account's banned, I can go to one of the other ones that haven't been banned, practically slipping past it.

    However, my IP address (unless I disguised it which is possible to do, easily through a Firefox add-on called AnonymouX.) will be known then because the few ways a moderator or an admin can know it's me is if they search me in the user list, find one of my posts (either in a thread or the post has been reported by somebody), which in the end, will have my I.P (or something incriminating, anyway) be revealed to the moderators and admins, and they'll try and connect the dots to who you are. you don't want your IP address matching your old one if you plan to waste time trolling an entire site.

    Possibility 2:

    I do everything I listed before with the alts, spam everybody, get the account banned, but not permanently.

    While it's banned I can fly back to BugMeNot and upload the username and the password for this domain specifically, and wait (god knows how long) for the ban to die off.

    Then I'd wait for somebody else to log on. Once they've logged on (whoever uploaded the user and password will know because they may be watching the account's activity by not logging into it, but rather tracking it's posts.

    The way IPs here work is a little different from where most forums probably register IPs. I recall on older forums the IPs would register as 2 digit number.3 digit number.2 digit number, or 2 digit number.4 digit number.2 digit number (or whatever the fuck, all IPs are different anyway so maybe the second sentence should probably be ignored.) (notice the periods I placed in between the digit settings.) with real numbers it should look something like this (made up IP)

    or like I said about various types of IPs

    however, here, they pop up differently (you can check your user info and see your login sessions as well as your previous ones.

    Speaking of different IPs, @Jitnaught, I have to question you about the different IPs that've been popping up in my recent logins. you and I will keep this in chat, I don't want to reveal any info here.

    But anyways, you now know why he could've been banned. I may more than likely be wrong in the end, but this BugMeNot shit plagued a lot of sites back in 2011-2014 when it started getting used for hacking users once their password was caught onto (because some programs can break passwords especially for specific sites, Club Penguin had this going on worse than you can imagine because it didn't even need BugMeNot, all you needed was a program that was capable of registering users in Disney's CP (Club Penguin) user database and once a user's name was entered, the program would look for any information connecting to that specified user and bring it back to the user who requested the information, but this was mostly for password cracking, not IP addresses.

    Unfortunately, I can't find the video that had perfectly shown this type of program in use, but I remember seeing the video plain as day when I first saw it as a kid. All you did was input the name of a penguin you saw and boom; you got the password for that penguin.

    btw, moderators, you know I wouldn't create alts to spam the site, I've been here 2 years, now. this site is too good to treat like shit.

    (but I think I may have blabbered shit lol)

  • @teunolan2002 When was the account banned?

    @krashadam Southsde was allowed to create a new account because he was having problems with his old account. He even mentions in his bio that if you want to PM him then PM him through his new account, since he is unable to receive PMs on his old account.

    IPv4 addresses have 4 sections to them, with each section having a number ranging from 0 to 255. and are both valid IP addresses.

    If you are getting weird IP addresses in your recent logins I would recommend changing your password. Also try comparing the IP addresses of any devices you use to login to GTA5-Mods.com, such as your computer, phone, etc, to the ones in the recent logins.

  • @Jitnaught said in pc banned because multiple accounts:

    @krashadam Southsde was allowed to create a new account because he was having problems with his old account. He even mentions in his bio that if you want to PM him then PM him through his new account, since he is unable to receive PMs on his old account.

    oh shit, good to know.

  • @Jitnaught Thanks For Clearing That Up Bro RESPECTT

  • @krashadam Also i was banned but i talked to moderators (multiple) and the admin of this site and they all unbanned me and gave me permission because my main account had javascript issues

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