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police are to op

  • https://imgur.com/43TfKzm

    so im playing my game and here is the police search range that they have they have also spotted me threw walls and full on buildings this is not realistic at all any help here

  • Is it possible you installed a bad mod?

    (or perhaps you altered something in the code...)

  • only mod i added that afects police is just adds more on the street insted of only showing up in ai evints and when you get a wanted lvl

  • @princegaz you must've altered something, then...

  • did a fresh with out mods and that just seems to be the range of the police serch witch i thank shuld be reduced to just that street there on like a real view radius not being able to see into the next block thats being blocked bye stuff

    also i did not alter any thng other then adding more cops

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