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[MAP] Military Zombie Base - Menyoo

  • Hello guys, check my new map and feel free to say your opinion. I left 350 props gap for some future adds since there is a 2k limit as i read. Im new in modding and menyoo and im looking for an experienced menyoo user to help me out a bit for some specific details.

    Link https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/military-zombie-base-menyoo

  • @GGbLAder I recall there was an option where you can remove items from your database and be able to add more to the map.

    when you find such options post a screenshot so I can tell you specifically what option it is. Should be in map editing settings, can't remember where, since I haven't played GTA 5 in a long time (thanks to a Windows 10 update.)

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