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[Animation Modding] Anybody think of this?

  • Just a thought I had during some web browsing, what if we try hex editing animation files?

    My thought was that the closest way we can get to animation editing is by hex editing an animation file (e.g, first person car steering), and edit a part of a file related to a specific bone, and change how the hands are placed on the wheel?

    More so to achieve a driving style like this, where you steer with only 1 hand (saints row 2 had you and other characters driving with the left hand, while Saints Row 1, 3 and 4 all had you (and again, everybody else) drive with the right hand.

    alt text

    Not a decent screenshot since the steering is not pointed straight in this one, but hopefully you get my point.

    I'm already well aware that animation editing isn't possible, but this is a suggestion on how we can try and get near animation editing.

    Should we try it?

    EDIT: fyi, I saw another thread that got locked down asking about custom animations, don't lock me, this is a different ideal look on how we can achieve animation modding.

  • The locked topic was locked because the user created 2 topics about the same thing (animations).

  • @Jitnaught Ah, I see. That's fine then.

  • @krashadam For GTA V this method is not an usefull possibility because uses IK, no plenty interpolated animations like Saints Row games. Also, GTA V animation files not just contains the bones interpolation base, includes others data like scenary IDs, sounds and props calls, some Scaleform assets (a hell to handle it via hex edition), IK flags and some weird vertex shader references, for these reassons the tools not has been finished yet. You can edit base skeleton interpolation in any bone editing its hex, but not will to work well in game or will to mess the engine rendering math causing errors and crashes.

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