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Question in regards to 3ds max

  • I have been looking everywhere for answer for this so I decided why not try to ask you guys, I have ripped one low poly shoe model from a game, and I was wondering if it is possible to convert that low poly shoe to a high poly one?, I’ve seen other authors do the same but haven’t got an answer out of them, I know it’s not a retopology because retopology lowers the poly count, but is it possible to do such in either 3ds max or zbrush?

  • @messi3194 You might have to just select the model and fuck with some settings, like curves, or what ever tools 3DS had (since I'm forced with Blender on Linux, and blender I hardly use...)

  • @messi3194 Have you tried the Turbosmooth modifier? It can higher the polygons by quite a factor, though the final quality depends on how low poly your model is.

  • @DJOzmanMJ i have tried both the turbo smooth and mesh smooth modifier but none fit the result I’m looking for, I mean a low poly model where features such as straps are in the texture not actual model, so would it be possible to make the strap out of that if that makes any sense

  • @messi3194 You're looking retopology, because is not a simple polycount reduction concept, really is for reshape and add or remove details taking care about polycount.

  • @Rarefacer do you happen to have a video of the process perhaps?, because I tired looking for a video of retopology to add details and I think I looked in the wrong section

  • @messi3194 Not exists a 100% automated process to build accurate retopology, is a combination of skills focused in hard surface modelling (that could be your clue to search videos).

  • @Rarefacer here is what i mean, i ripped this model from the game, as you can see all the features of the shoe such as the cage are only in the texture not the model, would it be possible to make those features such as the cage their own part of the model?
    alt text

  • @messi3194 that is a flat model shape, but in game can looks detailed if you generate normal maps from diffuse textures.
    Exists some tools to do that like:

  • @Rarefacer ah i see, but its not possible to do such?

  • @messi3194 Is possible if you add details manually remodelling over that mesh.

  • @Rarefacer how would i do so? retopology?

  • @messi3194 Practically doing a new modelling over your mesh but tringled meshes are a nightmare to do that. You need to convert your model to a quad polygons model and start the job taking care to no generate ngons (hard to explain without basic modelling knowledge)

  • @Rarefacer this weird, 4ng4h basically converted these shoes with such high detail from low poly from imvu in such short of time, wonder how he did all these so fast

  • @messi3194 is a master doing remodelling, or models not are from that game source.

  • @Rarefacer huh im so confused, i asked him a while back on the topic, he said he gets the models from imvu and edits them, and for the two weeks he worked on the mod he already had 10 shoe models created with high detail

  • @messi3194 Remodelling can be fast if you know how to use 3D tools, hard surface modelling knowledge is the base to make retopology, shape enhances, optimizations, change to other design. Generating normal maps is the easier way, add details with remodelling can take few hours using any 3d software when knows modelling essentials.

    Automated tools not exists, only exists ways to refine the shape like people said before, using turbosmooth, tessellation, etc, always is a manual process for best results.

  • @messi3194 This answer might sound weird and perhaps not be the best solution, but it's the laziest I believe. Since you've already got the base mesh as well as the UV's and textures, why not simply create splines in the mesh by going over the texture itself? You have the outlines of the cage for instance. Just use the spline tool and add some shapes that match the texture, then extrude them or whatever and you got your details. Note that extruding it too much may offset the texture a bit, but you can always adjust that.

    Hope it makes sense what I made up :D

  • @DJOzmanMJ i found that same shoe model in nba 2k18 but i dont have the game unfortunetly

  • @messi3194 my bad dude, I should've mentioned that it should be done inside 3ds max.

  • @DJOzmanMJ i need to message someone who has the game who can rip that model for me, i can do the rigging and fixing my self

  • @messi3194 Ohh alright I thought you already had it ripped :smile:

  • @DJOzmanMJ nah i wish, i found a kamikaze shoe model i ripped rigging it right now, all i need last in this mod is the kanye west jasper shoe model, this is literally the last item i need to complete this mod

  • @messi3194 you can still try the smoothing modifier ( not sure it's the english name of this modifier,in french it's called " lissage ")
    also as rarefacer said,using bump and why not displacement can bring more details

  • @messi3194 May Find Some Shoe Models Here Bro

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