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So there is a new GTA V update coming through via Steam

    1. If I start up my PC, steam will begin to download the update. So, should I let this update complete... then place the original files back into the GTA V root directory, then via steam run the verify integrity of game files? Will steam realise the files I have in there now are not updated with todays update? If so, I assume it'd be best to use this entire directory as a back up as it should have all the new files in it? This bit here I just need clarification on.

    I'm new to modding GTA V so it's all bleh right now. I'm happy to reinstall everything again from scratch. I believe script hook will need an updated version too which I can wait for. It's not bothering me that it's probably all going to break now, I just wanted to understand how to best tackle these changes because as I said I'm new.


  • @tuff253 Do not, I repeat, DO NOT update the game until scripthookv is updated or all script mods cease to function!!!

  • @Cyron43 too late. It’s fine though as I’m not ready to begin a modded GTA V play through just yet. I need to finish off the witcher 3 😉

  • @Cyron43 About how long does ScriptHookV usually take to get updated.

  • @Hagins07 I think it’s about two weeks.

  • @Hagins07 That depends on the complexity of the update and this one is the biggest yet. Also, Alex works on it in his spare time. Christmas is at the doorstep and as everybody else he has other things to do now. Maybe he is even on vacation! So yeah, I guess two weeks at least but it could as well be 4 to 6 weeks. I know this sucks and I can hardly wait either but that's how things are. I guess I'm going to play Sims in the meantime.

    @tuff253 Idk if a rollback patch works with the steam version but you could try this -> https://techfaqs.net/games/patches-for-gta-5-online/
    Also install this launcher bypass. It prevents the automatic update. https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/gtavlauncherbypass

  • @Cyron43 Thanks for that but I'm just going to wait for the official script hook update. I need to sort out my game black log first before I get into this again. :D

  • @Hagins07 Well that was quick! v1.0.1290.1 is out.

  • salve non mi parte piu gta 5 cè qualche aggiornamento

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